second prize 2018

Gustav Borgefalk & Staffan Gabrielsson Berglöf
The most important aspect of currencies is that their value is stable over time. By reconnecting currencies to a personalized basket of goods, commodities and lending products that are anchored in a web of local communities, we can reduce people’s risk and create a more stable future and in doing so, unfreeze the potential of the people we care about. Currencies should be representing individual and collective dreams of brighter futures. The issue, however, is that many currencies today simply do not deliver that. They are inherently unstable by design, open to manipulation and their value is highly unpredictable.  
Now, envision a new system of intelligent micro-currencies and micro-dept where the underlying asset is not gold, it is neither the promise of a central bank, but rather, local ecosystems where people insure each other’s fractal patterns of groups. Thereby, creating currencies based on the physical world. By shifting from fractional banking to fractal banking, local communities will again secure and stabilize financial transactions.