second prize 2015

Dionysia Mylonaki & Panagiotis Tigas
Parallel Chance

Parallel Chance is a symbolic political act and a social experiment aiming to challenge our perception of property and exchangeability.  Addressing the idea of redistribution of wealth, people will be invited for a certain period to go to parallelchance.org and claim virtual ownership of real world assets, such as house and land property. These assets, partly virtual and partly real, are in fact power symbols and this exact fact could make them exchangeable in real life, pretty much as it happens with alternative reality games, eg. Sims, Second Life, etc.  The online platform is a playground to regulate and rearrange real life property in any way participants consider as efficient for a functional cohabitation.  The video is part of our research towards this direction. It features conversations with random people about property, exchange value and authority and reveals the complex nature of ethics in economics.