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winner 2011

Nitipak Samsen
The Money Trailer

Have you ever wondered where the money in your pocket had come from? Who was the previous owner? Who was the owner before that? Might it be a famous celebrity?…

TRAIL$ imagines the development of a new monetary payment system, a system specifically designed to replace the easily forged paper banknotes from the 20th century.

Smart banknotes work by presenting a readable history of ownership on the note itself, an innovation designed to prevent money laundering. Although the system appeared successful, there were loop holes and unexpected instabilities regarding the value of each note, eventually leading to the demise of the stories main protagonist. 

The story is presented from the perspective of a civil servant turned entrepreneur, a professional working within the financial industry who explains his personal experiences of the new ‘smart’ banknote system and its resultant benefits and consequences from security to intimacy, economic to fanatic perspective. 

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