Dave Birch
FOM award Role: Future payments expert & force of nature.

Dave is a founding Director of Consult Hyperion. He is described by The Telegraph as “one of the world’s leading experts on digital money”, by The Independent as a "grade-A geek", by the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation as "one of the most user-friendly of the UK's uber-techies" and by Financial World as "mad", Dave is a member of the editorial board of the E-Finance & Payments Law and Policy Journal, a columnist for SPEED and well-known for his blogs on Digital Money and Digital Identity.

He has lectured to MBA level on the impact of new information and communications technologies, contributed to publications ranging from the Parliamentary IT Review to Prospect and wrote a Guardian column for many years. He is a media commentator on electronic business issues and has appeared on BBC television and radio, Sky and other channels around the world.






Austin Houldsworth
FOM Award Role:Co-founder and Curator.

Austin Houldsworth is a tutor and  researcher within the Design Interactions Department at the Royal College of Art. He is also the co-founder and curator of the ‘Future of Money Design Award’ sponsored by Barclaycard and Consult Hyperion; a competition created to inspire new thinking around monetary development. Upon graduating from the RCA in 2009, Austin gained employment as a designer for HD+R in London, contributing to the conception and realisation of various large scale installations for the architect Usman Haque. Alongside his work at HD+R, Austin continued to develop his own practice, including the worlds first prototype fossilisation machine named ‘2 Million and 1 AD’ for the Tatton Park Biennial. 





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