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FOM AWARD 2014 - winning entries now online!

The Future of Money Award has been running since 2009 and was created to develop links between the financial industry and creative practitioners from around the world. This is achieved by awarding the opportunity to present thought-provoking ideas to a group of financial experts and industry leaders, during Tomorrrow’s Transactions, the 16th annual Consult Hyperion Forum in London. 

Arguably there has been no greater time of financial uncertainty than today and no greater need for fresh ideas and imaginative insights which help inform, suggest and question our current technological, social and cultural direction.




Renee Verhoeven & David Carr

Value is currently expressed in money, but does this really reflect what we most value in our society? The most expensive…

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Jonathon Keats
Selfie Money

It’s hard times for dollars and pounds. Banknotes are losing out to Square and PayPal. The whole idea of national…

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Joe Carpita and Craig Stover

What happens at the convergence of Anonymous Routing, Crypto-Anarchy and Crowd Funding?        In 2013, the individual is capable of wielding more…

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Nitipak Samsen
The Money Trailer

Have you ever wondered where the money in your pocket had come from? Who was the previous owner? Who was…

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Money Trailer wins Bio 23 Award

Dot Samsen’s 2010 winning project ‘Money Trailer’ recently won the Bio 23 Special Jury Award. Here is the Link - www.bio.si…

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Award Ceremony

Each year the awards will be presented during Tomorrrow’s Transactions, the annual Consult Hyperion Forum.





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